Friday, January 4, 2013

Pictures of the fabric

Fabric yes...... I love Fabric.....

Here is the fabric that I received from my mom for Christmas... I washed, ironed and then cut into 1 yard then folded.  Thanks so much mom... love ya.

Here is my stash of the blues, reds, green, purple, yellow and tan.  I also have my UFOs in the middle shelf and on the top shelf  is the fabric that I use mainly for my own designs. That I will be working on this year some time....
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OK onto some of the quilts that I made for Christmas this year... below is the FMQ that I was working for my son's quilt and by the way this will is one of my first designs...
The name of this quilt is Celebrations.

You know I think that I should have put another goal down for this year... that is learn how to take good pictures of all my quilts..

2nd Quilt -

Here I am doing some more FMQ on my Mother-in-Laws quilt that I made her for Christmas.
it is also another one of my designs.

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