Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017 - Life and 350 Blocks Report

I can't believe that April is over, this year is going by so fast.

March and April was busy months for me.  

First of all with the new Grand Baby.
William Carson Hinton we are going to call him Carson. (Major)

They are all doing great, I was so grateful to be able to be there with all of them spending time with my grand girls while mommy and daddy took care of Carson.

 Love my Grand Baby's

Ok I could post a lot more pictures of the grand baby's, but I need to get back to what's been going on in March and April.  

When I retuned from GA we needed to put in a new Heat Pump, then had to add more insulation in the attic.  We also had our patio enlarged to put a pergola up in the back yard. I also painted our black table and chairs red..

Love our back yard now, still need some more work to make it look great.  Like some flowers and plants.

For Easter I made the kids next door some baskets and t-shirts.  Then we had a cook out with them.  It was a great time to get together.

We went down to my moms and helped her but flooring in her new quilting studio. They got the electric almost done, then we are going to help put up the walls.  Then comes the fun part getting all of her quilting tables, machines, fabric and books into the studio and start quilting.  She's going to love this little oasis to create.

So now you can see why I haven't done much quilting this month.  Oh I almost forgot, I also had to turn my quilting room into a guest room, so I don't have much room to quilting like I did before.  But I can still do some.  If you all remember when I did my sewing room tour last month the walls was the green and blue, now they are brown.  I have a little space against the wall to quilt and a new bed.

I am hoping that May will be more quilting than life (haha).  I am planning on finishing up the quilt that I started from Angela Walters and there is a new quilt alone on Instagram #100days100blocks2017 hosted by GNOME Angel - with Tula Pinks book.  Starts on May 7th to August 15th can't wait to get started on this one, I have had this book for sometime now and I think that it's time to make some blocks from it.

So this month for the 350 Blocks I did a total of 0 yes that right I didn't do any blocks for April, but next month will be much better.

Until next month.

Happy Quilting!!!!
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