Thursday, August 8, 2013

Raining Day in Missouri

 It's another raining day here in Missouri. That means more cutting fabric and sewing.
I have been cutting the pieces for DWR, I will start sewing them together today.

There is a craft show in October that some of the girls from the guild is going to have a booth. They have asked me if I would like to make some things for the booth.  Of course I said yes... but I haven't ever done anything to actually sell.  I seen these really cute dress form pincushions and thought that they would be good and then I thought about some mug rugs, bags and maybe a couple of baby quilts.

Here is my first attempt to making the dress form pincushion. (Still need some work)

 The second one that I did, I used a lot of pins and curves looks much better.  These are like chips, you can't just eat one. I made three of them yesterday.  I just need to find something for the stands. They used candle sticks for their stands on the tutorial that I seen these on. But when we moved I sold all of mine.  So I need to get creative and find something.  Will post when I find something.

I am heading to my sewing room for the day.  
Until next time, have a great day.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

DWR - "Double Wedding Ring Challenge"

It's a raining day here in Missouri, so I decided to start practicing on my circle piecing for the DWR Challenge

I tried to sew the curves without pinning, but it just didn't work out for me.  So here is a picture of my pinning the curves it worked so much better.

Here is the project in progress. 

Here is one completed.

Here is two put together.

 I think that they are coming together very nicely. These are just practice pieces. 

 I worked in EQ7 last night and come up with a design that I like and thinking about doing for the challenge.  I imported the fabric that I will be using. 
Starting next week I will be getting my Studio AccuQuilt out and start cutting fabric.  I love this die it makes cutting all these pieces of fabric out so easy. I will be posting more pictures of my progress.

Until my next post have a great day.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

EQ7 Summer Drawing: Block 4 - EasyDraw + PatchDraw blocks

This is the last block for the  EQ7 Summer Drawing Series

I have really enjoyed this series.  I am challenging myself that for the month of August I am going to actually sew all these blocks together and make a wall hanging.  So hopefully by the end of August you will see the finished project.  (If I write it down, I most likely will complete it).

Here is a picture in fabric and also in solid colors.

I will be posting my progress through out the month on my blocks from this series and then the finished project.

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