Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Come Hop with me in October for Halloween Haunts 2015

Do you love Halloween?  I do.. "Seams To Be Sew" is putting together a blog hop.  I will be there!  I am excited an nervous at the same time.  Come back to my blog on October 22nd and I will show you what I have been working on for the Halloween Haunts 2015.

Happy Sewing!!!


Monday, August 31, 2015

August 350 Blocks Report

The goal was 30 blocks I actually did a little be more this month. 56 blocks.

Back in May I ordered the 2015 Mystery Quilt by Hoop-sisters.  Yea, I finally got to get started on it.  I only did 8 of the blocks, each one takes about 30 to 45 minutes too do. I am really liking how it's turning out, I am using some of the fabric my husband bought me for my Birthday.

I have been play around with PicMonkey and made some of these pictures below with blocks that I worked on this month.  These are all from the  Skill Builder BOM 2015 Technicolor Galaxy quilt.

This one has some of my prep work for September.

I actually got one more row done for the Row by Row Experience row. 

I also go a new toy for my bothers scan n cut. (Another Birthday present).  The Rhinestone Starter Kit.  This really cool.  I love Rhinestones. Now I can create my own templates.

Some other stuff I have been doing this month other than quilting.  Zentangle, baby bib.

Of course I had to have a couple pictures of my two beautiful granddaughters.

Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

2nd Granddaughter Arrived

Welcome Charlotte Marie Hinton to this world- 9 lbs 3 oz - 20 inches long. 

She arrived at 5:20 p.m. August 1st, 2015. 


Family is doing great.  

While I was waiting for Charlotte to arrive my parents come up and we went to the fair and out to dinner, (to celebrate my birthday which is on the 5th).  When I got home I didn't want to just sit and wait for Charlotte to arrive so I went to my sewing room and did some sewing. I did 35 blocks for a Row by Row Experience row.  From Sager Creek Quilts in Siloam Springs, AR. The row is called Storm at Sea. I would normally count each row as one block, but this one I had to actually do each block separate and then put it all together.

I said that I was going to be better this month with doing my blocks.  Good start so far. lol.

Happy Sewing!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Life got in the way of Quilting.... Oh No

It has been a while since I posted anything to my blog. OK, my last post was on March 31st and its July 31st today.  You know when life gets in the way when you are not be able to do your hobby you know that there is a problem.. lol… not really I was able to quilt a little at a time, but not as much as I would have like to. April and May just really pasted me by before I even knew it only did 30 blocks. Then in June I had an injury, I fell up the stairs going into work.  Yes I fell up the stairs and injured my hand, wrist and arm. Quilting one handed wasn’t an option in June, so not much quilting at all that month. At the end of June my daughter come home from South Korea with my granddaughter. We celebrated Riley's birthday in July even though her birthday was in June. Her daddy made it home from South Korea to celebrate her 1st birthday.  They were in Georgia for her birthday, so I made the trip from Missouri down there.  This was a great trip. I got to sit down and teach my daughter to quilt. She loves it now that she knows how to use the machine.
Tomorrow my second granddaughter will be born. Can't wait she is being induced at 5:00 am.  They made it to Ft. Bragg, NC where they will be stations.  So much closer than South Korea.

So I know that March I stepped it up and made 92 blocks, With everything that has been going on I did do a little quilting. But for the last 3 months I only actually did 43 blocks so my total for the year is 152 blocks which is way under the goal so far.  But I still have time to meet my yearly goal.

In April I made 15 blocks for a friend to piece for her grand baby girl.  They love batman, so with my scan n cut. I cut out the batman and put it on the blocks for her. Then designed the quilt in EQ7 for her for a layout to follow.  She loved it.

Remember I was working on the blocks for my relay for life quilt and I did 8 blocks in March.  I did finish that quilt and we raised over $800 for relay for life.  There was actually 23 blocks in this small quilt, I didn't use all of the 8 blocks that was crazy quilted, instead I did some embroidery on some of them, which you can't really see.   A great guy at work won the quilt...  so on this one I did a total of 15 blocks.


I also worked on my Skill Builder BOM 2015 Technicolor Galaxy quilt.
There was 10 complete blocks in each block there was 3 different sections that I had to paper piece and then put then into 1 block.  So I am only counting the completed blocks so 10 blocks for these.


I started the Row by Row I have 10 rows but only did 3 rows. Which I am counting each row 1 block.

Of course I quilted a quilt book and a panel for my new granddaughter. To be here very soon we are hoping tonight or in the morning.


I know that for 3 months 43 blocks isn't much. But, I will catch up next month.

Happy Sewing!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 350 Blocks Report

I stepped it this month. I did 92 blocks this month... :)

In January I did two blocks for this quilt from Jenny's Tutorials this month I did

10 blocks so that is 12 blocks plus 4 corner white squares. 

Know I need to decide how to quilt it.

 The Binding Tool Star Quilt: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co

I also worked on a quilt for relay for life with all my purple and pink scraps. 8 blocks

I received an accut die for Christmas of this ribbon. I cut out 20 and will applique them to 10 inch squares. I have them just glued down right now haven't sewn them yet. Not counting these yet until I actually applique them all.


I also worked on my Skill Builder BOM 2015 Technicolor Galaxy quilt.  But I only did 7 blocks so far. 

I have all my paper piecing ready to go.

I also did 65 4 patch blocks, thinking about using them as a boarder around my Binder Tool quilt not sure yet... forgot to take a picture of these so I took one today.


This month I think that I did pretty good with working 10 to 15 hours a day at work and just being able to quilt on the weekends.

Lets see what I can do next month... 

Happy Sewing!!!

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