Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January coming to a close

I can't believe that January is already coming to a close.  For the first part of the month I was very sick with the flu so I didn't get to quilt very much.
I only did 12 blocks done for this month for The 350 Blocks Project that Prairie Moon Quilts puts on ever year.  Below are the blocks that I did this month.

My mom and I are doing a challenge with each other with stripe fabric.  There was a video from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Called The Quartered Stripes Quilt that we are making it with

Here is the stripe fabric that I am using:
Here are some of the blocks from the fabric.  Which I did these in one day.  I still have 1 1/4 yard of fabric to cut out. We both bought double the amount of fabric so we could make a bigger quilt.
There is 10 blocks of my for the month.

I am also doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017, I have a lot of scraps that I need to use up.  This month was Purple (which you all know is my fav color).  I am doing row of scrappy fabric.  See below the start of my row.

For the month of February will be See Green.

With being so sick for a while, I decided I needed to change my sewing room around.

Here is a short tour of my sewing room, I still have some more organizing to do.

First time using the iMovie software.

So for the month of January wasn't to bad, even though I was sick.  

Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cotton Bowl Winner

Cotton Bowl

Watching the OU game its halftime.

Welcome 2017 and Good-Bye 2016

Welcome 2017 and Good-Bye 2016

March 1st was my last post.  Sorry for not being very active in 2016.  There has been many ups and downs for my family in 2016.

In March I had a medical procedure, my last appointment was Oct 21st.  All is good now.  Found out my father-in-law has cancer, he has gone through treatment and is in remission now... Praise the Lord.

On June 28th we bought a house and on the 2nd of July we moved in.

I quit my job in November. My daughter come home for the holidays, with the grand babies.

They are growing so fast.  We are have another baby due March 3rd.  I had to wait till after everyone open their presents before I found out what we are having.   This is what I received in my last present Christmas morning.  The best gift.  We are having a Boy!!!!!

I plan on having more time to quilt in 2017, with a BOM in starting in June.  I am testing quilt patterns for a quilting magazine, so much to look forward to in 2017. Some I can't talk about until its time, but will let the world know when the time comes.   
I am also thinking about going back to school, (scary at almost 50 going back to school) but I can do it.

I will be blogging more this year, but for now I am just welcoming 2017.

Happy Quilting!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 350 Blocks Report

February 350 Blocks Report

Last month I was doing the 1/2 inch blocks I did 86 of them, this month I am still working on them, I did 100 of these tiny blocks.  I need 280 of these tiny blocks, I only need to make 94 more blocks. Then I will show you what I am actually making with these blocks next month.

Happy Quilting!!!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Creativity Challenge #5, #6, #7 and #8

Creativity Challenge #5

Illustrate an object 4 different ways

This challenge was different for as I really didn't understand what illustrate was.  So of course I had to google it to make sure I understood what it was.
  1. provide (a book, newspaper, etc.) with pictures.
    "the guide is illustrated with full-color photographs"

We could create our chosen object out of other materials as well.  It is completely open and up to us on what we do with this assignment.  We could use a computer, use paint, dimensional materials,whatever we want, to illustrate our chosen object.
I will get started on this one soon.

Creativity Challenge #6

Make a drawing using only crayons

Challenge #6 we get to choose the size of our drawing, the colors to use, and the subject matter. The only rule is to use only crayons to make your drawing.

Creativity Challenge #7

Start a junk journal or smash book

This was something I didn't know what it was until I googled it. I mainly check it out on Pinterest. I created a board in my pinterest account you can check it out with this link.
 I'll show pictures when I get mine started.

Creativity Challenge #8

Go back and work more on some of your previous challenges

Yes....... I needed this challenge to work on some of my other challenges that I still need to finish.  Thanks so much Shelly for putting this as #8.  Prairie Moon Quilts

Happy Leap Year!

Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Creativity Challenge 2, 3 and 4 January 350 Blocks Report

Creativity Challenge #2

Challenge #2 was to make your initial out of something with your initial.  Which I haven't done yet.  Still working on that one.

Creativity Challenge #3

Write down random words you hear

Here are some of my random words.  This was fun to do, love creating different fonts.

Creativity Challenge #4

Color in your coloring book!

I went out and got a coloring book.  I thought that I got the same one as Shelly, then I looked at my closer and its by the same author but different title.. "Enchanted Forest".   Still need to finish coloring the page, this is really relaxing.

These Challenges are great to jump start my creativity.  Thanks to Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts.

January 350 Blocks

I am doing the 350 Blocks again this year.  For January I did 86 blocks.

I did 84 half square triangles that are 1" in size when they are sewn together they will be 1/2".  I am actually going to make a purse out of these.

I am also doing a BOM - My Favorite Things

I have also been playing around with my scan n cut, this month.  I made a cover for my scan n cut.  Now I am getting ready to decorate it with some rhinestones

Here is the first cover that I made, I am working on sold color one to put my rhinestones on.

Here is the design that I am putting on the sold color one.

Starting to put the rhinestones, thought that I would do it in different colors.

Hoping that next month will be as productive as this month was.  

Happy Quilting!

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