Monday, February 29, 2016

Creativity Challenge #5, #6, #7 and #8

Creativity Challenge #5

Illustrate an object 4 different ways

This challenge was different for as I really didn't understand what illustrate was.  So of course I had to google it to make sure I understood what it was.
  1. provide (a book, newspaper, etc.) with pictures.
    "the guide is illustrated with full-color photographs"

We could create our chosen object out of other materials as well.  It is completely open and up to us on what we do with this assignment.  We could use a computer, use paint, dimensional materials,whatever we want, to illustrate our chosen object.
I will get started on this one soon.

Creativity Challenge #6

Make a drawing using only crayons

Challenge #6 we get to choose the size of our drawing, the colors to use, and the subject matter. The only rule is to use only crayons to make your drawing.

Creativity Challenge #7

Start a junk journal or smash book

This was something I didn't know what it was until I googled it. I mainly check it out on Pinterest. I created a board in my pinterest account you can check it out with this link.
 I'll show pictures when I get mine started.

Creativity Challenge #8

Go back and work more on some of your previous challenges

Yes....... I needed this challenge to work on some of my other challenges that I still need to finish.  Thanks so much Shelly for putting this as #8.  Prairie Moon Quilts

Happy Leap Year!

Happy Quilting!!
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