Sunday, January 31, 2016

Creativity Challenge 2, 3 and 4 January 350 Blocks Report

Creativity Challenge #2

Challenge #2 was to make your initial out of something with your initial.  Which I haven't done yet.  Still working on that one.

Creativity Challenge #3

Write down random words you hear

Here are some of my random words.  This was fun to do, love creating different fonts.

Creativity Challenge #4

Color in your coloring book!

I went out and got a coloring book.  I thought that I got the same one as Shelly, then I looked at my closer and its by the same author but different title.. "Enchanted Forest".   Still need to finish coloring the page, this is really relaxing.

These Challenges are great to jump start my creativity.  Thanks to Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts.

January 350 Blocks

I am doing the 350 Blocks again this year.  For January I did 86 blocks.

I did 84 half square triangles that are 1" in size when they are sewn together they will be 1/2".  I am actually going to make a purse out of these.

I am also doing a BOM - My Favorite Things

I have also been playing around with my scan n cut, this month.  I made a cover for my scan n cut.  Now I am getting ready to decorate it with some rhinestones

Here is the first cover that I made, I am working on sold color one to put my rhinestones on.

Here is the design that I am putting on the sold color one.

Starting to put the rhinestones, thought that I would do it in different colors.

Hoping that next month will be as productive as this month was.  

Happy Quilting!

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