Sunday, January 17, 2016

Creativity Challenge #1 - Doodle for at least 30 minutes

I am trying something new this year with Prairie Moon Quilts.

Creativity Challenge #1: Doodle for at least 30 minutes

This was relaxing and fun.  I had some books
 on Zentangling that I used for inspiration.
The first one was just doodling with the Name of this challenge. 

There was YouTube video that I took the inspiration from that
 video to create my next one.

Added some color to make it pop.

The next one is from the Zentangling book that I had that I used for inspiration.

Then at work I was doodling while on the phone or when a report was loading.

So yes this challenged me to come up with some ideas the bottom two I didn't have any reference just started to doodle.  This was a great challenge.  I know I am running a few days late for the next challenge, but getting ready to start working on January 14th challenge today. 
  "Make your initial out of something"

So off to the sew/craft room on this snowing Sunday afternoon.

Happy Quilting!!

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