Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Modern Stain Glass Paper Piecing - BOM - 2014

This is the first time that I have done a BOM, so bare with me if there are some errors. I am really excited and honored to create this BOM with using EQ7 for my Modern Quilting Guild. 
There are two links that will take you to Google Docs. The first link is just the image of the blocks. The second link is the files for the Paper Piecing in the links, I am using Google docs (I hope it works). I am working on some videos for the next block.

Here's the fabric yardage (remember this is just an estimate, you might need more or less)
Orange = 1/4 yard
Red = 3/8 yard
Yellow = 3/8 yard
White = 1/4 yard
Black = 1 + 3/8 yard
Blue = 3/8
Purple = 3/8

I cut 4 inch wide by the width of the fabric of each color, the Black I cut 2 1/2 strips and they worked better to piece.
If you haven't ever paper pieced before, there are a lot of good video's on YouTube and also on

January First - BOM - Paper Piecing

This is only the first block of two for January I will post the second block in two weeks.
Hope you enjoy trying the paper piecing with me this year. 

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