The 350 Blocks Project, 2014

 350 Blocks Project: 2014 with Prairie Moon Quilts

 Yearly Counts by Month.
Running Total = 424
Jan = 66 updated to 69
Feb = 3
March = 78
April =  2
May = 48
June = 16
July = 32
Aug = 55
Sept = 119
Oct = 0
Nov = 0
Dec = 2

December I actually completed 2 blocks and did 8 stockings which I didn't include in my count. I finished two of the many quilts and gave for Christmas presents,  I wanted to show them here.
I did 424 blocks this year (2014), last year (2013) I did 528. Next year my goal is going to be double... ok I wrote that down so now I need to do it.... :)

September 2014 - I did 119 blocks this month.. 
I finished the 49 log cabin blocks 20 last month and 29 this month... Now I need to put it all together.
I also did 90 Half-Square Triangle blocks for two other quilts that I am working on for Christmas.  I had to mix them all up so that if anyone in the family sees this blog post they wont have any idea of what I am doing... lol

August 2014 - I did 55 blocks.  Like I send last month, I can't show all the pictures of my blocks, due to they are for Christmas, but in December you will see all the quilts that I am working on.  Here are couple of the blocks that I can show you know.

July 2014 - I did 32 block. I don't have picture of all my blocks. Next month I will make sure that I get picture of all the blocks I create.

June 2014 I only did 16 blocks this month.

May 2014 - I did 48 blocks this month is just playing around with my new machine.
25 -  2" 1/2 square triangles - playing with scraps for a 1/4" seams.

 13 - more 1/2 square triangles

 1 - block that I created in my Floriani Software and did this block all in the hoop

3 - Drunkards Path Blocks for Building-Blocks-Quilt - with Leah Day 
4 - Modern Building Blocks these are also from Leah Day.


 This was some more scraps that I was just playing around with.


 Some embroidery blocks, I will talk more about this one a blog post. 

April 2014 - I feel really ashamed of my self this month for not quilting very much.  I only completed 2 blocks the entire month. Since our goal so far is only 110, I am still ahead at 152. Next month should be really good. When I went to Paducah KY last week, my husband bought me a new machine, can't wait till it gets here this week.

Any way here is my 2 blocks for this month.. :(

March 2014 - I made 78 blocks this month, with everything that has been going on in life I still was able to complete these blocks, can't believe.  They add up before you know it.

There was 32 blocks in this one section.

There is about 46 blocks in the baby quilt I made for my new granddaughter (due in July).

February 2014 - I only did 3 blocks goal was 30, didn't make it this month.

January 2014 - I made 69 blocks, it does help when your make HST.

  16 HST
  16 HST
 16 HST
 16 HST



  1. Great job on all those blocks. I particularly like the one that looks like a zig zag

  2. I didn't do well this past month with only three blocks, but each day is a new start, I'm thinking that it won't be too difficult to get more accomplished this month.


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