Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My daughters wedding quilt.

Know that my daughters wedding is behind me, I'll show you the quilt that I made for her... I wanted to do the double wedding ring, but they changed the date from Jan 2013 to Sept 2012, so maybe for a Annv. gift.. Around the boarders is the 1st Corinthians ---- Love is kind, is patient etc...  Then on the bottom of the quilt I had each one of them give me 10 words on how they felt about each other and used them.. I also used the words on there ring barrier pillow.
In the corners I used part of my wedding dress and also on the back of the pillows.
Here is a picture of the ring barrier pillow. This is also made out of my wedding dress used the lace from my train...
Here is a picture of the beautiful bride and my son in law.

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